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Your business demands your constant attention and so does your website.  Let us focus on the WordPress maintenance for your website while you focus on building your business.


Protect Your Site Against Malicious Hacking and Malware Infection


Restore Your Site Quickly When Something Goes Wrong


Keep Your WordPress Site Up to Date


WPbutler365 is your silent valet, serving you 24/7/365

Security is key to WordPress maintenance

WPbutler365 keeps your site secure, backed-up, and well maintained!

WordPress Security

Hackers know all the ways your website is vulnerable.  We know how hackers operate.  WPbutler365 will secure your website and harden your defenses against hackers.  Our WordPress Security Services are your website’s protection against hijacking and hacking.

Don’t risk losing your Google ranking, valuable data, or your hard-earned reputation. Our WordPress maintenance services are insurance for your website

Protect your WordPress site with WordPress Security Services from WPbutler365.

WordPress Backups

When things go wrong (and they will) it’s good to know you have a current backup ready to save the day.

Content loss, server loss, and malicious code can all bring your website down and bring you to your knees.  WordPress Backup Services from WPbutler365 provide the daily backup and archive services you need to get back up and running quickly when disaster strikes.

Don’t wait until your WordPress site crashes to discover you need WordPress Backup Services.

Let WPbutler365 backup and archive your WordPress site and databases.  This basic site maintenance service should be part of any disaster recovery plan.

WordPress Updates

installing WordPress updates is key to good site maintenance

WordPress issues a couple of core updates each year. In between are scores of security patches and bug fixes.

Themes are updated for security, functionality, and compatibility with core WordPress.

Every plugin on your site (probably quite a few) also goes through a series of updates due to WordPress core file changes, theme changes, security issues, and functionality improvements.  It is not uncommon to get multiple plugins needing to be updated several times per week.

Who can stay on top of all these updates and site maintenance in general?

WPButler 365 can update your WordPress site to keep it current.  WordPress code, themes, and plugins will all be updated for you.  If there is ever a problem with an update, we’ll restore your site and notify you right away.

Keep your site up-to-date, secure and at peak performance with WordPress Update Services from WPbutler365.

WPbutler365 is Your Insurance Policy

Every business is built by utilizing assets.  You build offices, purchase office equipment and automobiles, all to better serve your customers.

You wouldn’t think twice of leaving your business unprotected – so you purchase general liability insurance, automobile insurance, and even insurance protection for office computers, cell phones, and printers.


Protect your reputation


Protect your ranking


Protect your data

good WordPress maintenance is insurance for your website

So why leave your website unprotected?  Your website is the calling card for your business.  All your prospects are going there before ever picking up the phone.  It needs to be protected too!

WPbutler365 WordPress maintenance services are like insurance for your website.

For less than the cost of a couple pizzas for the office, your website can be secure, archived, and up-to-date.

Your business website is a valuable asset.  Protect it today with WPbutler365!

If you still have questions (and an unprotected website), don't wait...contact us right away!