WordPress Backup Service

If you have a website built using WordPress; you aren’t alone.  Over 25% of the internet is built on WordPress.  If you don’t backup WordPress regularly; you aren’t alone. Many other business owners make the same mistake.  Sometimes with disastrous results.

Imagine that you wake up one morning, grab your cup of coffee and head out to your office or your retail store.  You get to your business address and are stunned.  The building is gone.  What was once a thriving business is now a vacant lot. No sign of the enterprise you worked so hard to build remains.  Your investment of time and precious capital is gone. Prospective and current customers drive by, but no one stops. Like you they are shaking their heads; wondering what happened.  “It was here yesterday,” they say.  “It was just right here” you cry, sinking to your knees, sick to your stomach, wondering what happened and what you must do next.

Sounds crazy right?

But that is exactly what can happen if your website goes down and you don’t have a backup copy.  WordPress backup is essential.

WPbutler365 is the solution! Let us protect all your data.

Why Web Sites Go Down

When you think of disappearing web sites, you might suspect hackers.  That’s certainly one reason your site can go down.   WordPress security is important.  Hackers can hijack your site, inject malicious code, and get you de-listed from Google.

One of the recovery steps requires restoring your code to pre-hack status.  If you don’t have a WordPress backup of your site, this can mean recreating the site from scratch.  But websites go down for less nefarious reasons such as:

Server Crash

One of the most bizarre server outages occurred to Rackspace back in 2007.  A truck smashed into a transformer causing an electrical outage.  The back-up generators kicked in but not fast enough for the chillers to keep up.  In the end, Rackspace had to shut down until power could be restored. The loss in revenue to Rackspace, a not so cool $3.5 million to refund to customers.

In 2015, a NetDepot data center went down for over 20 hours.  That’s almost one full day.  What would you do in that situation?  What would it cost your company?  A USA Today survey of 200 data center managers found that over 80% of these managers reported that their downtime costs exceeded $50,000 per hour. Drill that down into what it means for the average small business.  The SBA estimates that companies with between 1 and 4 employees have receipts of about $387,000 per year.  If you are open 24/7 that means you lose over $1,000 every day you have an outage.  The number is higher if your business day or week is shorter.

So not only do you need a WordPress backup, you shouldn’t rely on your hosting company to provide it.  If your primary hosting company goes down and takes your site and your site backup with it you are screwed.  No secondary hosting can help if they don’t have access to a backup WordPress copy.


Content Loss

Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, relates how she lost her site after hiring someone to do some work on it. What was supposed to be a minor update to make the site mobile friendly crashed the entire site.  Natalie writes, “Losing your website and freaking out should not actually happen to any of us” and we agree.  Before any changes are made to your WordPress site it should be backed up off-site.  Small companies are not the only ones at risk of content loss.  Toy Story 2 was almost completely deleted by one line of code.

In 1998, just a year from release, someone inadvertently entered one line of code that systematically started deleting all of the files. One of the film’s technical directors saw what was happening and phoned for the computer to be unplugged.

It was, but not before 90% of the film was gone. Luckily, Galyn Susman, the supervising technical director, had given birth and was working from home.  She had diligently carried a copy of the entire film home once a week.  She zipped home to get her computer and it was swaddled in blankets and in the words of one person “carried into Pixar like an Egyptian pharaoh.”  Thanks to Galyn we have Toy Story 2, because Pixar did not have a good backup copy.

WordPress Backup Services

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, a backup of your WordPress site is essential to your business health.  Just as you brush, floss, and visit the dentist for good dental health you need to backup WordPress for your business health.  Some people think it will never happen to them.  It will.  Others think the WordPress backup process is hard.  It’s not if you rely on experts.  Still some think backup services are expensive.  It’s affordable and much less expensive than rebuilding your site from scratch.

Don’t Live in Denial.  Don’t bury your head in the sand.  It’s not a question of if you will need a backup of your WordPress site, it’s a question of when you will need it.  Does this sound like you?


You don’t think your WordPress site will be hacked until it is


You think your web developer is great until they crash your site


You believe your hosting company is too big and sophisticated to crash until they go down and take your site with them.

a WordPress Backup is a sign of good business health

Insurance for the Web

a WordPress backup is like website insurance

You may have property insurance, liability insurance, and business interruption insurance, but do you have WordPress insurance?  A backup WordPress site is like insurance for your web site.  If your site is hacked or crashed, you know who to call and who has you covered.

WPbutler365 WordPress Backups

WPbutler365 is your WordPress insurance.  This includes:


Full WordPress Backup. A full backup of your data set and files is created when you initially sign up. Then monthly, WPbutler365 will backup your database and files and store it separate from your server.


Database Backup. Once a week your database will be backed up and stored separate from your server.


Archives. Your full WordPress backup files are kept for 3 months. Your latest 3 full database and file backups will always be available. Your weekly database backup is archived for 5 weeks. If your site is hacked, destroyed, or lost WPbutler365 will always have the backups you need to get back in business.


Daily Backups. PROTECTOR package gives you automatic backups any time changes are made. These incremental backups are stored in a separate location and ideal for users that make frequent changes.

You get the peace of mind knowing that your site is backed up and stored off-site.

You rest easy knowing a full archive of your site is being maintained.

If your server crashes, your site code is mangled or mauled by bad code or if you get hacked or infected with malware you can trust your WPbutler365 backup to save the day.  Accidentally delete your site?  Don’t panic!  WPbutler365 will bring it back.

This is the kind of insurance you can’t afford to be without.

What would it cost to rebuild your site and data from scratch?

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day you get complete backup and archive services.

Enroll now for essential WordPress backup protection and sleep better tonight.

If you still have questions (and an unprotected website), don't wait...contact us right away!