WordPress Update

WordPress Code, WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management platform.  It powers over one-quarter of the internet.  The core WordPress code is almost organic in that it is constantly changing and growing.  The themes and plugins built around the core code are also constantly updating and changing. That means a WordPress update is always just around the corner.


These changes can be due to security concerns, new features, enhancements, or bug fixes. In order to keep your website functioning optimally and safely you need to make a website update on an on-going basis.  You must keep the following updated at all times:


WordPress Core Code


WordPress Theme


WordPress Plugins

Failure to install a WordPress update leaves your business at risk.  WordPress releases a new core version each year, always named for a jazz musician.  In between these releases, several major updates may be released.  In addition, an update is issued every time a security issue is identified. There are many WordPress updates each year.

Every WordPress update equals a website update for your site.

WPbutler365 is the solution! Let us handle all your WordPress updates.

WordPress Update

a core WordPress update is released twice a year

Core WordPress code should be installed as soon as the update is released.  Whether it is for security reasons, enhancements, or bug fixes the WordPress update should be applied.

Failure to update WordPress leaves your site unsecure.  If you aren’t updating regularly you aren’t alone.  One study showed that only 36% of WordPress sites were updated.  That means over 60% of WordPress sites were vulnerable.  Honestly, what was the last WordPress update you installed?

It’s not enough to publish your website, you have to keep it current.  WordPress security starts with keeping WordPress updated.  Hackers use bots to crawl the net searching for vulnerabilities like outdated WordPress. Remember a WordPress update equals a website update.

Update WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are handy.  They are a big part of what makes WordPress so great.   Plugins are packaged programs added onto a WordPress site for increased functionality.  Currently, there are over 40,000 plugins available.  That’s awesome!

However, almost half of all security breaches and break-ins come from having an outdated plugin.  That’s not awesome.

every WordPress Plugin update means a website update for you

Technical folks live comfortably in a world where security issues are constantly identified, bugs are fixed, and patches and updates released.  Most small business owners don’t live so comfortably in that world. Business people live in a world where once you fix something, you expect it to stay fixed.  That’s what makes business websites so vulnerable.  Most business owners simply don’t realize that their WordPress sites utilize plugins that must be updated. A WordPress plugin update equals a website update!

Update Website for Security

install each WordPress update ASAP for security

Outdated plugins are a more common entry source for hackers than a weak password.  In the first quarter of 2016 just 3 plugins (Revolution Slider, TimThumb, and Gravity Forms) counted for 25% of all WordPress hacks.  Those were all preventable hacks. The TimThumb vulnerability was identified and fixed over 4 years ago and the RevSlider plugin was fixed in 2015.  There is no excuse for sites using these plugins to still be vulnerable; just update and be done.

You can proactively protect your site by using plugins with care.  Make sure your site only utilizes supported plugins from reputable developers.  Reputable plugin developers address security vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered.  Check the last release date of a plugin before it is installed.  If it hasn’t been updated in more than 6 months there is a good chance it has been abandoned.  The official WordPress repository is a good place to start your hunt for plugins.

 WordPress Update for Functionality

Security isn’t the only reason you should update plugins.  The internet is driven by the need for speed. Developers are always looking for ways to provide faster processing.  Your customers demand the speediest website and as a business owner you want to make sure you are providing your customers what they want.

So if a plugin is updated to enhance speed and you don’t update, you and your customers are missing out.

Plugins are also updated for compatibility.  Developers want to make sure their plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress release and fully takes advantage of any new features.  If you don’t update your plugins you might lose compatibility.

Most current plugins are supported by their developers, but they don’t support old versions. If you have an outdated version of a plugin and run into a problem with its performance, you will probably be own your own.

WordPress Update to Fix Problems

Lastly, updates to WordPress plugins fix problems.  When a bug is identified in a plugin, it is fixed through an update. If you aren’t updating WordPress plugins, you aren’t correcting problems. Remember a WordPress update means a website update!

In summary, use plugins with caution.  Only use plugins from reputable developers and make you’re your plugins are supported.  Most importantly, always update a plugin as soon as possible. Check for plugin updates no less than once a week.  If an update is available, install it immediately.

Update WordPress Themes

If the WordPress core code is the skeleton on which your site is built, then the theme is the outer layer of skin.  It is the code that controls how your site looks to the world. But it’s more than just a pretty design.  Your theme can contain PHP and JavaScript in addition to the HTML and CSS you would expect to find.  Themes can manipulate WordPress, so this code poses a potential security threat.  It must be monitored and maintained.  Just like the core WordPress and your WordPress plugins, themes are updated too.  The reasons for updates are the same:


Fix bugs


Introduce new features


Tighten security

how to perform WordPress website update without looking customization infographic

Unlike plugins, themes tend to be highly customized for each individual site in which they are installed.  Some site owners worry about losing their customization during a theme update. So they decide not to update.  That’s a bad decision. A WordPress theme update means a website update.

There are ways to update without losing customization. It involves creating an associated child theme for the parent theme.  Now if “parent theme” and “child theme” sound like issues for a PTA meeting, don’t worry.  WPbutler365 can make sure your theme is properly configured to update with ease.  Because hackers can hide a backdoor in an inactive theme, we can remove any inactive themes to help keep you secure.

Worry about Building Your Business

Not WordPress Updates

You’ve got a business to build.  It’s easy to forget about keeping your website up-to-date.  At WPbutler365 we get it.  You need to focus on your business; so let us focus on WordPress Updates, WordPress Backups, and your WordPress Security.

Your WordPress Updates service includes:


Update WordPress Core


Update WordPress Plugins


Update WordPress Theme

We will backup your site and databases before each WordPress update. If we detect any problems with an update, your site will be restored and you will be notified immediately.

We will continually monitor your WordPress environment for releases and updates that impact your WordPress theme and plugins.  Your updates will be installed, you will get a website update, and you will be notified when the update is complete.

Don’t suffer a website outage because you didn’t backup.

Don’t leave your website unprotected

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